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IEIC Stock Pitch Competition


Initial pitch to be submitted by 24th of March. 

Apply here
500€ prizes
  • 1st Place €250
  • 2nd Place €150
  • 3nd Place €100
  • Teams of 2-3
  • Undergraduate and Masters students from IE University

Guidelines & Instructions

The IEIC stock pitch competition is a two round process. The first round is necessary to advance the top 5 teams to the stock pitch competition, and only includes an initial, condensed, presentation. In the final stage, members will present their investment thesis in front of a panel of industry experts.

The process

  1. Teams submit an initial pitch, along with their registration, by March 24th 2021 (semi-final stage)
  2. These initial pitches will be reviewed, and the top 5 teams will be notified and advance to the final stage
  3. These teams will have 2 weeks to prepare their stock pitch, for a different stock
  4. The final stage is where stock pitches take place, and these are judged by a panel of experts
  5. This final stage will take place on April 7th in Madrid, Spain


  • Participants may be undergraduate students and masters students at IE University.
  • Teams must be composed of 2-3 students.
  • Finalists are chosen on the basis of their first round presentations
  • Professional dress is required


  • Teams are required to come up with a team name and a team captain
  • Registration must be submitted through the application portal on the IEIC website before March 24th 2021

Competition Timeline and Location

  • All teams must submit a condensed 3 page (PowerPoint presentation) initial pitch by March 24th 2021
  • The top 5 teams will advance to the final stage and receive further instructions.
  • The stock pitch competition will be held in Madrid
Time limit
  • 10 minutes for the presentation
  • 10 minutes for Q&A


  • 1st Place €250
  • 2nd Place €150
  • 3nd Place €100
  • Members from the winning team will end up on the IEIC hall of fame

Stock Selection

  • For both stages (semi-final & final), teams can pitch a LONG position on any common stock traded on an exchange and have at least 1$ million of daily volume, and a price greater than 2$.
  • Penny stocks, ETFs, ETNs, closed-end funds, any other exchange-traded securities, such as options, currencies, futures, are not allowed for the competition.

The Presentation(s)

  • The first presentation must be 3 slides long
  • A recommended template is provided, although teams are free to choose their own structure
  • It is up to you to decide the most effective and suitable stock pitch structure

Prepared material for students

  • Presentation template
  • Presentation examples
  • Tips & tricks document


Judging Criteria

Winners are judged by a panel of industry experts, and judges will use an evaluation sheet

Quality of investment idea
  • Is the stock investable?
  • Did the team deliver a concise, articulate and structured presentation?
  • To what extent is the team’s argument unique, feasible and different from the consensus view?
Quality of the stock pitch
  • To what extent did the team support their assumptions and analysis?
  • Did the team use creative and unique research approaches?
  • Did the team provide substantial information about the business, and industry?
  • Was there an even distribution of time among team members?
  • Did the team use the available time effectively and efficiently?
  • Was the team able to provide a strong and convincing argument?
  • How well was the investment strategy supported?
  • Were the team members able to answer the questions effectively?
  • Did the answers relate effectively to the investment idea and associated risks?
  • Were the team’s answers honest?


Stock Pitch Example – download here

Stock Pitch Template – download here

  • NOTE: this template is for the final stock pitch. The initial stock pitch must be condensed and only 3 pages long. We value creativity and freedom, so feel free to follow whatever structure you want.

Stock Pitch Structure – download here

Tips & Tricks – download here

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