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Executive Profiles

Carlo Masera | BBA


As president Carlo hopes to guide his fellow club members to enhance their knowledge of the financial markets and to prepare members for careers in the financial services industry. This summer he will work at CGA Altium Investment Banking company in the M&A department. Carlo is interested in portfolio diversification and deal making. He hopes to share this passion with fellow members going forward.

Kris Roos | BBA


Kris first started investing back in 2015, growing his passion for finance and investments by managing portfolios across a variety of sectors and asset classes. He looks forward to using his financial experience to establish and grow the club to best serve the IE University community. By doing so, he hopes that all members will have the confidence and ability to make a stock pitch and voice their opinion when the club discusses potential investments.

Santiago Quintana | PLE


Santiago has been involved with the world of investing since he was 14 years old. He has great experience in the financial markets and is currently pursuing his main professional goal, becoming a great financial lawyer. The creation of the club with his two partners comes from the necessity and eagerness to teach and transfer his knowledge and at the same time expand further on his education.

Niccolò Tancredi Manenti | BBA


Niccolò recognized his interest in investment while in high school; he is an analytical individual fascinated by the complex nature that characterizes markets. He is thrilled to work with a team that shares his passion while providing learning opportunities for a student community of investors. He is currently head of business development.

Edoardo Sebastio | BBA


Edoardo got in touch with the world of finance and investment just a couple of years ago, and since that moment he has been engaged in discovering all its ambiguities. He is strongly motivated to provide passion and hard work in order to help the club achieve the great aims it is pursuing. He is currently head of marketing.

Carolina Cardoso | C&DM


Edoardo Nicotra Menéndez | BBAL


Edoardo is a passionate student in charge of executing the events. With his dedication and hard work, he hopes to develop an enthusiastic and strong investing community around the club. He is eager to contribute to the enormous growth that the club will have in the following years. He is currently event coordinator.

Inderpreet Singh, CFA | MBA



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